Giveaways Terms and Conditions


  1. After end of the competition, within 5 days there will be drawn 3 winners.
  2. Each of them will receive email from us, informing about win and asking about steam ID to send prize.
  3. Only one of those who answer will receive the main prize, others who will answer can choose any Unturned related item worth less than 0.1 euro/usd.
  4. If the first person on the list of winners answers, he receives the main prize.
  5. If the first person on the list does not answer, the main prize may go to the next person on the list who answers. And so on.
  6. Not answering to our mail within 5 days means that the winner rejects receiving prize.
  7. If none of the 3 drawn winners answer to our mail, the giveaway restarts.
Note above rules apply only to the giveaways served by UnturnedCompanion. There might be occassionaly giveaways not handled by us, notifying information about such giveaway will be served above it on the list of giveaways.
All rules are subject to change.


Q: I lost access to my email, but i know what was it's login, can i still receive prize?
A: Of course! Just contact us on our facebook and we will try to figure it out! 

Q: Can i donate skin for future giveaway?
A: Sure! Use this link and set up trade.

Q: Can i choose name of donator when donating for giveaways?
A: Yes! Use the 'additional message' box at the trade request to provide us such information. If you won't, your current steam name will be used.

Q: I donated skin for the giveaway, but instead of my name, the donator is 'UnturnedCompanion'..?
A: Sorry to hear that, please contact us, provide information about which giveaway it was, the name you want to be used and we will solve it right away!

Got any questions? Contact us!