Unturned Cases List

Type Name Value Popularity
Present Anniversary Gift Bag 0.6 22 view
Box April 2017 Workshop Crate #2 0.03 40 view
Box Arms Shipment Mystery Box 0.03 146 view
Box Blue Mystery Box 0.06 28 view
Box Carbon Fiber Mystery Box 0.09 52 view
Box Chrome Plated Mystery Box 0.41 18 view
Present Festive Gift Present 0.24 291 view
Present Grocery Bag 1.56 2 view
Present Halloween Gift Present 0.36 50 view
Workshop Box Hawaii Map Mystery Box 1 - view
Box Hot Mystery Box 0.04 177 view
Box January 2017 Workshop Crate #1 0.03 143 view
Box Purple Mystery Box 0.03 137 view
Box Red Mystery Box 0.04 90 view
Workshop Box Russia Map Mystery Box 1 - view

Feeling lucky? Then test your luck by opening one of the Unturned Boxes. Most of the cases have chance to being obtained by just simply playing. Other - Unturned Presents - are special gift boxes, obtained only for a limited time, like Festive Gift Box which is obtained only during Winter Holidays or Anniversary Gift Bag which was available during Unturned anniversary. Workshop Box type cases are special Boxes obtainable through Unturned Stockpile, part of profits from their sales go to Unturned Workshop creators listed in their descriptions. Present and Workshop Box type cases don't require special key to be opened, but Box type cases do requie one, each costs ~1$ and is available on steam Unturned Stockpile.