Update 2.2.3

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on August 03, 2014

Hello!In case you don't know, right now Unturned is going through a massive overhaul for optimizations, dedicated servers on the steam server list, VAC, workshop and overall better networking which isn't currently on the public branch.

The overhaul is getting to be such a huge patch that from now on it will be referred to as the 3.0 Update! Over the last several days a huge amount of progress has been made on this front

-Localization is now completely possible, as all the language files are stored in a folder in the game directory. You can easily copy the English folder and make a translation, or download someone else's from the Steam workshop.-All the backend for external assets is complete. Animations, textures, models, anything you can think of is able to be modded and added to. -Steam cloud and local saves (now stored outside of the registry) use the same easily readable file format meaning it is very easy to iterate upon the saving system, it will be more reliable and it is simple to configure custom data.-The in-game level editor is now mildly functional allowing you to form the terrain, configure textures and move objects! (Thanks to /u/zaph34r for helping with world/screen axis restriction math!) A level can now be up to 64kmĀ² if you choose:Now that it's possible to actually load a basic level I can begin working on bringing over player related things (inventory, clothing, health, etc)! Most likely I'll have an update post regarding that later this week for you.The actual patch notes for 2.2.3 are mostly just bug fixes, more rocks in areas that didn't have them, etc, but there is a new addition: You can now mute people by clicking on their name on the player list and selecting "Mute".Thanks for reading!

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