Update 2.2.1

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on July 29, 2014

Hello!The last couple days I've been debugging the new networking system and as far as I can tell everything is working properly now! Even with it being quite similar in structure to the Unity networking, however, actually integrating it into the existing code would take quite a bit of time. For this reason I think a better solution will be to do the opposite, porting bits of the game to the new networking one piece at a time. By doing it this way not only can I push out test builds faster, but I'll be able to go over every single asset in the game optimizing them and converting them to a bundle based loading system. This will allow more data to be stored for everything such as translations of the game into Russian and Portuguese (or whatever language you want to add), as well as the ability for you to mod EVERYTHING in the game. Literally every file will be publicly available to be modded and uploaded to Steam Workshop, or you can add your own custom content with some in-game tools like a level editor!This big push for bundles is inspired by the amazing concept art on the Unturned subreddit:/u/Zyrmox's:/u/Zaffaro's:And finally here's the actual patch notes:Additions:-Added the ability to siphon gas from cars that have at least one can of gas in them.-Added several more boulders.Fixes:-Fixed the sun to rise in the east.-Fixed some potential exploits.Thanks for reading!

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