Update 2.1.8

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on July 24, 2014

Hello!Today I'd like to explain EXACTLY what is happening with the Steam networking, but first here's today's patch notes:Additions:-Added the ability to run the game in offline mode.-Added recipe for 2 Scrap with Hammer creating 1 Can.-Added link to the patch notes on the title screen.Tweaks:-Increased APC speed.-Increased Desert Falcon damage.-Increased Lapua Tracer spawnrate.-Reduced longbow damage.Fixes:-Fixed swapping backpacks with equipped items.-Fixed melee range exploit.-Fixed invisible empty crates.Alright onto the Steam networking:For those who don't know, right now my top priority is reworking the networking to use Steam game servers. This means replacing all of the existing network code with a completely different way of doing things that will allow dedicated servers, use of the server list and other neat features.At this point I have mostly wrapped the Steamworks networking in a way that can make use of the existing remote procedure call system, but it could still use some polishing over the next couple days. This is a big step because it will be the component that all of the existing networking will communicate with.The next step, after optimizing and improving this system, is to work on getting Unturned Steam servers onto a testing branch for you guys!Thanks for reading!

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