Update 2.1.7

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on July 22, 2014

Hello!Yesterday and today I got tons of stuff done on Steam networking, and the bugs with Steamworks.NET are now fixed so full steam ahead! (no pun intended) As a reward for all your patience and support while I work on the networking I added a highly requested weapon in this update just for you!Additions:-Desert Falcon handgun:-Added replacement face for the question mark.-Added recipe: 1 Fertilizer + 1 Vitamins = 1 Purification TabletsTweaks:-Refilling Savage drums now requires only 3 boxes of ammo.-Reduced Timberwolf range to 400 meters.Fixes:-Fixed police baton breaking boulders. -Fixed leaning animation for other left handed people.And finally today's community features are two channels with amazing Unturned content:eNtaKVuxxy GamingThanks for reading!

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