Update 2.1.1

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on July 14, 2014

Hello!Today 2 dedicated game server companies contacted me asking about getting out massive Unturned servers! The game just needs the Steamworks servers integrated with SteamCMD before that can happen though.Additions:-Added the miner helmet1 construction helmet + 1 torch = 1 miner helmet2 rags = 1 bandage2 bandage = 1 dressing-Added the option to respawn at your bed.-Added a 10 second cooldown on PvP for bed respawns.-Added message for version mismatch.-Added the ability to put shutters on walls to protect ladders.-Added keybinds for turning nvgs on/off, dropping items and dequiping items.Tweaks:-Increased all XP drops.-Increased metal shield health.-Increased (slightly) crop growth time.-Renamed reset to suicide.Fixes:-Fixed savedata resets when playing tutorial.-Fixed a saving bug when destroying the only barricade in a zone.-Fixed robery to robbery.Thanks for reading!

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