by Nelson Sexton

Posted on July 12, 2014

Hello!Edit: if you experience the no damage bug please report the output log. (instructions in crash logs under bug reports subforum)Additions:-Added garages1 window + 1 support = 1 garage port2 shutters + 2 bolts = garage door1 pelt + 1 can = 2 ducttape-Added it so that claiming a bed unclaims any other beds you claimed.-Added a "server full" message when joining a full server.Tweaks:-Increased the amount of barbed wire to make fences.-Reduced the amount of cloth and wire from decomposition.-Reduced the revolver range.-Reduced the spread of the Proninety and Uzy.Fixes:-Fixed the bars and underside of ramps.-Fixed a water color rendering glitch. By the way the reason proud water lags you is because it has to render the scene extra times for the reflections.Networking progress:Tomorrow I'm going to put the new Steamworks wrapper into Unturned which will hopefully mean Mac support on Monday and the foundation to implement Valve networking.Thanks for reading!

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