Update 2.0.8

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on July 12, 2014

Hello!I tried to respond to more e-mail, but it's now pouring in faster than I can reply. Pretty crazy! Also apparently the VPN tool "Evolve" has gone offline since so many of you are using it to avoid portforwarding! Additions:-Added braziers and chests (which hold 6 items!)1 crate + 3 cross = 1 chest2 sticks + 2 bolts = 1 brazier-Added the ability to build outwards and upside down-Added some other new recipies:1 rope + 1 cloth = 3 fertilizer1 scrap using 1 handsaw = 3 wire1 cloth using 1 handsaw = 3 rope-Added collateral explosions to explosives. (shooting a landmine sets it off and will blow up any nearby explosive devices)Tweaks:-Moved sirens position to be more nicely lit and are synced with audio.-Reduced the number of supplies required to make structures.-The chainsaw vibrates when used.Fixes:-Fixed culling distances breaking on dual render scopes when changed in-game.Networking progress:As a temporary fix you can now host barebones dedicated servers with the following command line arguments on the game executable:-arena-pei-normal-bambi-hardcore-gold-sync-nosync-pvp-pve-pass:PASSWORD-port:PORTNUMBER-players:PLAYERMAXAfter those configuration arguments you can add -sv to actually launch the server.Thanks for reading!

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