Update 2.0.5

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on July 09, 2014

Hello!First off one very important issue is the servers. Due to the massive number of players the NAT facilitator can't be used anymore which is making it difficult to connect to servers, and therefore only port forwarded servers with a good connection can be joined. To help solve this, however, it would be possible to redesign the multiplayer from scratch to use the Steamworks networking API which would enable the following:
  • Improved networking performance.
  • Use of the Steam master server.
  • The ability to join friends through the Steam friends list.
  • Relaying data through Steam to make all servers joinable.
  • Console-based dedicated servers.
The downside is that it would take a while and mean less daily content, and therefore it's entirely up to you what happens. Please vote here.Another thing I'd be interested to know is whether you'd like it if I streamed development. Please vote here.Aside from the usual bug fixes here are some of the cool new things in 2.0.5:The special forces Proninety sub machine gunCraftable barbed wire and electric fences2 wooden supports + 2 barbed wire = wire fence1 wire fence + 4 scrap = electric fenceThere are now also vaccinations to remove disease, bambi mode starts you off with some supplies and dock foundations for building piers. 1 foundation + 2 ladders = 1 dock foundationThanks for reading!

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