October Roadmap

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on October 01, 2014

Hello!These are patch notes for the preview branch, not what's currently default. If you're interested in testing this you'll have to go read the Black Box update.Today I've been working on getting reloading and attachments into 3.0, but that will not be fully complete until tomorrow. (Sorry for not updating the Trello!)

These are the goals for 3.0 over the next month

  • Completely swap over to server side input processing. This is the last major revolution that I want to make to 3.0 that I was discussing the other day, and it basically means that hackers will not be able to fly, noclip, etc and the hit detection will be far more accurate.
  • [/*] Essentially rather than having the player say "I moved here, you can trust me, right?" the server handles their key presses and makes sure they're acting legitimately. An example of a game that does this very well is counter strike.[/*] [/*] Of all the things on the list this will take the longest amount of time, but the reward will make up for it with far fewer working cheats, fixing of issues like rubberbanding and the ability to do some really cool things that would not work before for fear of cheaters.[/*] [/*] This will gradually be applied over the coming weeks as more aspects of the game are adopted into it, rather than one giant update like 3.0 was.[/*] [/*]
  • Add navigation data tools into the editor. The introduction of this feature will likely include basic zombie types. This will also take quite a bit of time, and I'm still not entirely sure on how I want it to work.
  • Build many more buildings and props such as airports not necessarily for the Devtest map, but definitely for future maps and community creations.
  • Begin adding more item functionality such as flares and basic barricades.
  • Implement communication features such as voice chat, text chat and the in-game player list. Along with this allow admins to send server commands through chat.
  • Add reloading and attachment systems.
This list is erring on the side of caution, as at this point I am highly uncertain about how long the server side input and navigation will take to add. If all goes well way more than these will get done, but this is the worst case scenario.


Jagulev"So... Nelson is adding stuff from 2.2.5 AND working on all-new things for 3.0? Or am I getting this wrong?"> 3.0 started out as simply porting over content from 2.0 to the new steam servers, but fairly quickly it turned into a whole new project so that things like the level editor, localization, better graphics, anticheat, etc could be added. This is why PEI can't be brought over since the game simply can't load it. This means that everything in 3.0 is being created from scratch to support all these new features, while building on ideas from 2.0.VHDnewvegasguy"Does unturned have a piracy problem? why did he need to Improve anti piracy for a free game?"> For some reason there are jerks out there who not only play the game for free for hundreds of hours (which is great), but also feel entitled to a free Gold upgrade and use hacks to fake that they own it (which is bad). Fortunately with 3.0's update yesterday they get kicked from servers for doing this.Thanks for reading!

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