January Roadmap

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on December 31, 2014


January Roadmap

Last month the majority voted to focus on adding new content to 3.0, and as a result over 300 new items, vehicles and objects were added! This month it's time to focus on the other side, creating a proper map to play on. Starting tomorrow work will begin on the Canada map, spanning from the East to West coast containing many national landmarks and interesting locations to visit. You can even expect the return of Prince Edward Island! New items and vehicles will also accompany the update to fill specific roles, such as clothing for the RCMP or stuff for military installments.Since this map will be so huge it will take a significant amount of time to complete, however frequent updates will be maintained providing information on the state of the level as well as bug fixes and optimizations. Fortunately I get a large portion of January off for diploma exams (which some time will have to go into studying for) so completing it within January seems like a reasonable target. Update Notes

If you're interested in testing out this patch head on over to the Preview branch! You can gain access using the secret passcode "OPERATIONMAPLELEAF" in the Betas tab.


  • Added snow drift and ice models. To disable snow on a map set its height to 0.
  • Added snow texture in updated alphamaps bundle. Copy the new version from Bundles/Level if you want to use snow textures on your map.
  • Added freezing in snow when not wearing at least a hat or mask, shirt or vest and pants. Wearing at least some clothes decreases freezing damage.
  • Added temporary Devtest 2 map.
  • Added new terrain heightmap system for higher precision and double the height. If you delete Heights.dat it will still be able to convert black and white heightmaps to the new format.
  • Added ability to disable water on a map by setting its height to 1.
  • Added ability to microwave (local button) the materials in a level to get a quick preview without blurring, object detection or secondary generation.
  • Added blur when underwater in-game.
  • Added numeric input to sea and snow level.
  • Added 16x scope. (ID 296)
  • Added nifty new gun. (ID 297)


  • Improved editor camera on massive map sizes.
  • Improved a performance issue when interacting with objects.
  • Improved visual differentiation between floors and roofs items.
  • Bleeding, bones and freezing icons shift furthest left.


  • Decreased number of moon cycles to 5 from 12 so that full moons occur more frequently.
  • Adjusted Devtest map lighting in accordance with popular request.
  • Disabled the fix for zombie space program since it's too funny.
  • Adjusted spawn rates.
  • Increased density of foliage on trees.
  • Raised maximum world height.
  • Removed the holiday tree from the Devtest map.


  • Fixed blue bedroll showing up black.
  • Fixed default flowers and wheat edge case.
  • Fixed pebbles texture sneaking into top corner of grass texture atlas.
  • Fixed tiny changes in position not getting sent across the network.
  • Fixed jail and vault icons looking bad.
  • Fixed stick drop radius.
  • Fixed sun streaks showing up underwater.
  • Fixed metal bar icon.
  • Fixed closing inventory playing open inventory animation.
  • Fixed secondary height brush radius.
  • Fixed vault door blueprint.
  • Fixed gesture cancels stopping when quickly sent.
  • Fixed building out of bounds.
  • Fixed vehicle movement state getting constantly re-sent.
  • Fixed interact messages showing while dead.
  • Fixed a server side crash with drowning.
  • Fixed non-admin players getting highlighted as gold.
  • Fixed secondary terrain getting included in navmesh generation.
So much for taking the week off from working on Unturned. Yesterday I got bored and started adding these features! :)Thanks for reading!

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