Halloween Update

by SDGNelson

Posted on October 23, 2015

Halloween Event

PEI has is now haunted! Explore to find some new loot and easter eggs like pumpkin pie or jack-o-lanterns!As you play you'll also receive new Halloween Gift Presents which can be unwrapped (no keys/etc needed) to get cool Halloween themed cosmetics and skins. These will stop dropping after the event, but can be used year-round.Thanks for all your great suggestions in the teaser comments! While playing in-game you may run into some of the new content/features you suggested.

Update Notes


  • Added Halloween PEI map.
  • Added skill level/stat/bonus information and names.
  • Added new zombie/animal movement buffer. [More info below]
  • Added pumpkin seed. [ID 1045]
  • Added pumpkin. [ID 1046]
  • Added pumpkin pie. [ID 1047]
  • Added hockey mask. [ID 1048]
  • Added jack-o-lantern torch. [ID 1049]
  • Added unwrappable Halloween Gift Present drop.
  • Added Halloween themed cosmetics and skins.
  • Added Carbon Fiber and Chrome Plated mystery box drops.
  • Added various rare/epic/legendary/mythical skins.
  • Added uncommon harvest and shoreline drops.
  • Added more skills to split up skills that did too many things.
  • Added all weapon/attachment source files instead of just Model_0.fbx.


  • Improved eaglefire/honeybadger models.
  • Improved tree handling of missing asset.
  • Improved emissive rainbow shader (e.g. bowtie) color blending.
  • Improved separation between networking and game-specific code a bit more.


  • Tweaked stats of most of the skills.
  • Tweaked rate of zombie collisions on server.
  • Tweaked viper to use civilian ammunition.
  • Tweaked jump-climbing trees to work again.
  • Tweaked saw to be craftable from two sheet metal.
  • Tweaked steamworks API warnings to show in logs.
  • Tweaked asset data loading errors to show in logs.
  • Tweaked minimum network update register distance.
  • Tweaked in-game update notes to show "Updates" section.


  • Fixed floating docks on PEI.
  • Fixed duplicate grass above pirate cave.
  • Fixed disconnect branch on maple tree.
  • Fixed viper iron sights material.
  • Fixed hawkhound iron sights material.
  • Fixed schofield iron sights material.
  • Fixed grass in tunnel on PEI.
  • Fixed horde purchase node text and item name.
  • Fixed submerged chairs in Stratford firestation.
  • Fixed hockey net collision on back.
  • Fixed timberwolf chamber UV layout.
  • Fixed viper side rail base texture.
  • Fixed maplestrike handle UV layout.
  • Fixed jumping up sides of civilian tents.
  • Fixed rocket iron sights.
  • Fixed pixel bleed on Avenger base texture.
  • Fixed resetting moon cylce after leaving during anomaly and rejoining.
  • Fixed movement input on loading screen.
  • Fixed saving filters/mode to cloud.
  • Fixed case where item icon list could cause a crash.
  • Fixed crash when attaching some specific sights.
  • Fixed multicam cobra/avenger showing up as forest.

Steam Economy

The Red and Blue mystery boxes have been removed from the drops list meaning there is a limited supply of all the items inside. While playing you might now find the Carbon Fiber or Chrome Plated mystery boxes!


The multiplayer code is now a bit cleaner, and some new movement-related code was added. In multiplayer anything that moves should now appear much smoother. Edit: It looks like a bit more work needs to go into the new player/vehicle movement networking, so I will make that my #1 priority for For the mean time I've rolled back these changes to player/vehicle but not zombie/animal in

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