Black Box

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on September 26, 2014

Hello!Information recovered from the black box on board the downed helicopter suggests that its crash was actually caused by unidentified broadcasts from the radio tower, not a zombified pilot as previously suspected. Intelligence obtained by the military before the apocalypse suggests that the tower is being hijacked by someone on the mainland, and used to convey an unknown message. It's up to you to decode this message.Warnings:
  • There will probably be bugs. Lots of bugs.
  • The main focus is currently the editor and the completely new servers.
  • Many features that were previously existing are not yet in, but will be in the coming weeks after the bugs have been worked out.
Edit: here's a tutorial on how to host servers for 3.0: thing I forgot to mention in the tutorial is that the server also uses the ports +1 and +2 from the one you choose for the steam and query ports.
Thanks for reading!

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