Update Notes

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on March 11, 2015

Hello!If you're interested in testing out this patch head on over to the Preview branch! You can gain access using the secret passcode "OPERATIONMAPLELEAF" in the Betas tab.The other day on the stream we discussed what to do to resolve the design issues with the Canada map in terms of better layout, better balance, etc and it turned out the majority of people preferred a revamped PEI with some new additions. After talking with the stream we came up with layouts and ideas on what needs to change for both the Canada map or PEI if that ends up happening.Before going further than the prototype (made over the last day or two), however, I'd like to confirm that anyone who wasn't at the stream also agrees. In the event that a PEI remake is the more popular choice we could perhaps have a contest to see who can make the best community created Canada map? Vote here: http://strawpoll.me/3841917(The prototype of PEI2 is not in this quick patch.)


  • Split the Object category into Object, Item and Vehicle to make finding content easier.
  • Improperly configured Workshop content will no longer be processed by the game.
  • Submitting content to Workshop does more checks to make sure it is properly configured.
  • Objects can be placed up to the edge of the skybox.


  • Fixed a bug with tags not applying.
  • Fixed information tab not loading the map.
  • Fixed a bug with physics fighting the movement on servers.
  • Fixed long range metal hole.
  • Fixed effect LODs on torches and campfires.
If some Workshop content you downloaded is not showing up in game it is most likely misconfigured, the creator will need to update it. You may have noticed some of these changes already, as a few were put up to fix some minor issues. Thanks for reading!

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