Update Notes

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on February 09, 2015

Hello!If you're interested in testing out this patch head on over to the Preview branch! You can gain access using the secret passcode "OPERATIONMAPLELEAF" in the Betas tab.Skills are now available in 3.0! When on the character select screen you can choose between the following specialty groups to suit your playstyle and work with other players:
  • Offense: Aggressive skills focused on combat and getting in and out as fast as possible.
  • Defense: Tanking abilities for surviving as long as possible and sneaking around.
  • Support: Helpful knowledge to make better technology and aid other players.
On the skills menu in-game you can now upgrade each specialty's skills similar to 2.0, as well as spend extra experience on boosts. Some boosts are very useful, whereas others provide silly gameplay effects. Please note, however, that the costs and numbers of levels are not balanced yet.


  • Added 3 specialty groups: Offense, Defense and Support
  • Added skills and boosts.
  • Added double experience on Gold servers.
  • 50% of experience is lost on death and 75% of skills.
  • Added experience/player/amount command. Edit: In help list this shows up as give, this will be fixed in the next patch.


  • Trimmed the grass.


  • Mega zombies and resources provide different amounts of experience.
  • Reduced size of grass.
  • Reduced radius of ladder placement detection.
  • Reduced long range level of detail.
  • Disabled deleting Canada map.
  • Increased zombie wait time on dedicated servers.
  • Fall damage applies on easy difficulty, but not broken bones.


  • Fixed navigation not generating with water disabled.
  • Fixed placing ladders under holes.
  • Fixed sky terrain quality too high.
  • Fixed teal berries not having viruses.
  • Fixed fog with water disabled.
  • Fixed in-game close render distance.
  • Fixed crosshair disappearing when reloading.
  • Fixed bullet hit detection through hole.
  • Fixed throwable collisions with resources.
  • Fixed maple and birch blueprints reversed.
Be sure to provide feedback by suggesting new specialty groups, skills and boosts! Thanks for reading!

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