Update Notes

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on December 15, 2014

Hello!If you're interested in testing out this patch head on over to the Preview branch! You can gain access using the secret passcode "OPERATIONMAPLELEAF" in the Betas tab.Make sure to check out the new vehicle physics, and keep an eye out for those new dangerous zombie specimens!


  • Added several new zombie animations.
  • Added extra dangerous zombie.
  • Added new vehicle suspension system for WAY better handling especially with elevation changes.
  • Added new zombie packet batching system.
  • Added monocle as Gold glasses due to popular demand.
  • Added no space message.
  • Added dropped item despawning after ~10 minutes on dedicated servers.
  • Added vehicles getting damaged when running over many zombies or players.
  • Added specific hook for secondary guns in primary slot.
  • Added "zombie" command in the form [player]/[#zombies]. (Note: Large numbers of zombies in one spot on ANY map leads to issues.)
  • Added option for toggle to aim, crouch, prone and sprint.
  • Added black travelpack. (ID 245)
  • Added blue travelpack. (ID 246)
  • Added green travelpack. (ID 247)
  • Added orange travelpack. (ID 248)
  • Added purple travelpack. (ID 249)
  • Added red travelpack. (ID 250)
  • Added white travelpack. (ID 251)
  • Added yellow travelpack. (ID 252)
  • Added alicepack. (ID 253)


  • Improved singleplayer item system to not delete dropped items when swapping regions.
  • Improved Devtest zombies to not be a fasion attrocity.
  • Improved performance of ragdoll manager minorly.
  • Improved zombie audio by merging startle and attack sounds.


  • Increased zombie target time to make it a bit easier.
  • Decreased speed of vehicle fuel use.
  • Increased fuel capacity of offroader.


  • Fixed last inventory removal not updating crafting.
  • Fixed clothing swapping drop when in leaving area.
  • Fixed auto-equipped guns not getting sent as in a slot.
  • Fixed yellow/white sweatervest models swapped.
  • Fixed clicking on servers that are full.
  • Fixed client not receiving equip notification.
  • Fixed purple daypack icon.
  • Fixed new clothing items using old recipes.
  • Fixed server attempting to respawn vehicles over the vehicle limit.
  • Fixed farmer hat icon.
  • Fixed yellow shirt called shirt shirt.
  • Fixed non-slot items not automatically getting equipped.
  • Fixed inventory not automatically putting item into primary/secondary slot when a non primary/secondary item was equipped.
For now I've decided to exclude crawler zombies from 3.0 since most people found them annoying in 2.0, but what sort of other special zombies would you like to see?Thanks for reading!

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