Update Notes

by SDGNelson

Posted on July 26, 2019

Client Workshop Improvements

  • Popular and featured workshop item articles can now be dismissed. If the carousel is empty then the next-most popular item is used.
  • Featured workshop item subscription can be managed from the title menu.
  • Workshop subscriptions changed while in-game are detected and update the maps list.

Server Workshop Improvements

  • Moved WorkshopDownloadIDs.json into WorkshopDownloadConfig.json. Server now caches query results and will retry when query fails.
  • Whitelist/blacklist download restrictions are now enforced during connection.

Quality of Life

  • Flashbangs can no longer be used in safezones or around friendly sentry guns.
  • Teleport command and NPC teleport rewards now report when destination was obstructed.
  • Oxygen now persists between logins to prevent resetting it at high altitudes.
  • Stockpile new label is now dismissed when the button is clicked.

Map Creation

  • Added support for per-level tips, enabled by setting "Tips" to a number in Config.json, and then adding Tip_0, Tip_1, Tip_# to localization file.
  • Added level Allow_Skills and Allow_Information config.
  • Added Prevent_Building_Near_Spawnpoint_Radius to level config (default 16.0).

Asset Creation

  • Custom objects can specify Add_Kill_Triggers true to cause Triggers children with name "Kill" to kill players.
  • Added Can_Use_Underwater true/false for equipable items which defaults to false for primaries.

Plugin Development

  • Added questCompleted event for plugins.
  • Added updateReplicatedState barricade function for plugins.
  • Added helper functions for plugins to easily spawn replicated buildables.
  • Added onPerformingAid and onPerformedAid events to UseableConsumeable for plugins. Individual stats are best compared by using both, as theys always occur in pairs.
  • Disabled many missing asset related errors when -SkipAssets is enabled.
  • Replaced serversideSetPluginModal with EPluginWidgetFlags granting more control of UI.
  • Tidied up some of the damage events by moving parameters into structs, and tracking the damage instigator.

Game Config

  • Added gameplay config for disabling structure, barricade and vehicle zombie targeting.
  • Added Use_Airdrops to gameplay config.
  • Added Enable_Kick_Input_Spam and Enable_Kick_Input_Timeout config.

Server Console

  • Hosts can now specify -NoWin32Console on the command line to prevent the Windows server from manually allocating/freeing a console window.
  • Separated Windows-specific console input/output from shared console code, and allowed plugins to override IO handling by implementing ICommandInputOutput and calling setIOHandler. When using a custom handler you can specify -NoDefaultConsole on the command line.


  • Fixed Paddle repair blueprint.
  • Fixed clothes not respecting Should_Drop_On_Death option.
  • Vehicles in safezones now properly ignore all damage.
  • Fixed not loading per-map .content files from workshop during connection.
  • Fixed log files not sharing read access.
  • Fixed several plugin network events not wrapped in try-catch blocks.
  • Fixed cancelling pending exchange notification.
  • Fixed Spread_Aim between 0.8 and 1 visually increasing crosshair size.


  • Menu notification system which was added back in 2017 but never used now supports timed windows and dismissing it, so today it links to the Short Film Contest voting stages. I expect we'll see it again for future community events.
  • Accepted three new outfit bundles.

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