Update Notes

by SDGNelson

Posted on April 05, 2019

Welcome to Belgium! | NEW Curated Map

Watch Gameplay TrailerCreated by Ben "Paladin" Hoefer, Ethan "Cyllek" Brookman, Nathan "Wolf_Maniac" Zwerka and Nicolas "Putin3D" Arisi with thanks to Nolan "Azz", Husky and Noobyfish, Belgium is newly released for exploration! This map features modernized yet medieval cities, beautiful vistas and boating through active waterways.If you'd like to support this team in their creation of future maps you can check out the Belgium item bundles on the Stockpile here:Belgian InfantryLil' EBRAcid TrooperRevenue from map items and bundles are split 50% to the map team, 30% to Steam and 20% to Unturned.

Change Notes


  • Added Belgium to curated maps list until May 5th.
  • Added Belgian Infantry, Lil' EBR and Acid Trooper item bundles to Stockpile.


  • Tweaked unity logs to be written to UnityDebug_*.log in logs folder rather than appdata so that they are easier to find.


  • Fixed horrible voice audio when using walkie talkie after relay change. Was caused by code using Stop() rather than Pause()! Sigh.
  • Fixed some issues registering installed workshop content while Steam is in offline mode.
  • Fixed Retrowave skins emission, and fixed accept process not enabling _EMISSION keyword.
  • Fixed Hawaii Red Scrounger missing collision on rear half.

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