Update Notes

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on December 05, 2014

Hello!If you're interested in testing out this patch head on over to the Preview branch! You can gain access using the secret passcode "OPERATIONMAPLELEAF" in the Betas tab.


  • Added tools to the editor for placing individual trees.
  • Added canned tomato soup. (ID 77)
  • Added canned chicken soup. (ID 78)
  • Added canned tuna. (ID 79)
  • Added canned cola. (ID 80)
  • Added MRE. (ID 81)
  • Added chips. (ID 82)
  • Added chocolate bar. (ID 83)
  • Added candy bar. (ID 84)
  • Added granola bar. (ID 85)
  • Added energy bar. (ID 86)
  • Added canned pasta. (ID 87)
  • Added canned bacon. (ID 88)
  • Added canned beef. (ID 89)
  • Added canned sardines. (ID 90)
  • Added apple juice. (ID 91)
  • Added grape juice. (ID 92)
  • Added bottled energy. (ID 93)
  • Added bottled coconut. (ID 94)
  • Added bandage. (ID 95)
  • Added splint. (ID 96)
  • Added bleeding when damaged by more than 25.
  • Added broken bones when falling more than 5.
  • Added spread reduction to grip.
  • Added a winter festive tree.
  • Added support for a different product from the source item's ID in blueprints.
  • Added ability to heal others again which was broken a while ago as part of the serverside stuff.


  • Improved chemicals model.


  • Disabled graduated recoil to give firearms more of a kick.
  • Decreased ADS spread with the Eaglefire.
  • Increased suppressor volume slightly.
  • Replaced muzzle flash with 2.0's due to popular request.


  • Fixed metal sheet looking like cloth.
  • Fixed "largetest" map included in last version, sorry it was meant to be deleted.
  • Fixed blowtorch on hip.
  • Fixed ammunition box amount.
  • Fixed mechanic shop made of metal.
  • Fixed glue name.
  • Fixed clientside removing wrong item.
  • Fixed some issues with clientside/serverside equipment syncing.
  • Fixed zombie collision with structure debris.
  • Fixed zombie detection with buildables.
  • Fixed zombie target direction when attacking buildables.
  • Fixed NATO supressor using wrong caliber.
  • Fixed an issue when attaching while performing an action.
  • Fixed bottom of water bottle.
  • Fixed firemode clicks playing across whole map.
  • Fixed a bug when selecting maps.
For some reason or another there is no school tomorrow, so this weekend tons of weapons will be getting added to 3.0! I'll try and record a tutorial video as well at some point so that anyone interested in getting their items into 3.0 and do so as well. Also sorry for not having the Questions section enough, just sometimes it's hard to find a coherent question that hasn't been asked before.


Daniel Kay:"You changed them to look more like log cabin walls which makes sense as they are made of log. However you could still use the old models of them being flat paned for walls made out of boards."> I definitely like the idea of having some structure variety even inside the material category. This will most likely be implemented in the future, although the models will be more details than the old ones.Thanks for reading!

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