Update Notes

by SDGNelson

Posted on March 13, 2019


  • Added resource drops multiplier to config.
  • Added *_Origin crafting output flag which can be set to World, Admin, Craft or Nature overriding default item origin type.
  • Added sendSalvageTimeOverride RPC for plugins.
  • Added sendRelayToServer RPC for plugins to move player to another server.
  • Added Foliage_Cut_Radius setting to floor structure types.
  • Added Kills_Object condition type which takes an _Object GUID, and an optional _Nav area. Requires destroying certain number of objects.


  • Improved inventory search to be useable while filtering stat counters.
  • Improved kill counter visibility to respect skin visibility toggle.


  • Tweaked quicksave button to take the place of favourite button in singleplayer.
  • Tweaked spec ops helmet to exist.


  • Fixed stuck loading assets when master bundle failed to load.
  • Fixed blimp center of mass.
  • Fixed colliders on Greece Backlash gun.
  • Fixed unable to lean over waist-height walls.
  • Fixed forcing camera into walls by leaning while running sideways.
  • Fixed LOD issues with apple juice and canned beef.
  • Fixed potential causes of some workshop download failures.

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