Update Notes

by SDGNelson

Posted on July 25, 2018

Why the weird timing?

Recently some exploits were discovered which some cheaters began abusing to crash clients. The vast majority of netcode had individual checks to ensure it was allowed to be called, but there were a few that were incorrectly implemented. Rather than only fixing these cases I reworked how these checks are performed across literally all of the netcode, so that the same mistake can't be made again. In the process of reviewing the ~350 network message types I actually found another ~3 similar exploits which are now patched as well.There may be some strange side effects of all these changes, in which case I'll try to get a patch out quickly or roll-back the update.Edit: It seems the crash / log spam some players have been experiencing only happens if Discord is running, and is related to the latest version of the Discord API which Unturned updated to. I'm going to reapply the patch and disable the Discord Rich Presence integration for now.

Misc other changes

  • Added Cannot_Spawn_With_Battery and Battery_Spawn_Charge_Multiplier options for vehicles.
  • Improved Curated maps list to include links to retired maps.
  • Fixed read/write setting of quite a few more meshes.

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