Patch Notes

by SDGNelson

Posted on March 27, 2020

Patch Notes


    [*]Chat_Always_Use_Rich_Text added to server config allowing servers with plugins to force vanilla messages to use rich text formatting. [*]onThrowableSpawned event in UseableThrowable for custom throwable items. [*]Included care package, blast door and flag in example assets package.


    [*]Corrected orientation of Dango mythical effects and dragon tails. [*]Prevented exiting vehicle downward through ground in some cases. [*]Vehicles and players loaded above the sky limit are clamped back below. [*]Allow walking out of an object if initially overlapping. For example standing on a stump when the tree respawned was getting players stuck. [*]Throwable items default to continuous collision detection. This is to prevent fast-moving projectiles from passing through the terrain. [*]Changing gun attachments and firemodes are rate-limited. [*]Consumeable items support warming other players. [*]Inactive UI components are eligible for buttons and text formatting for server plugin UIs. [*]Cardinal directions in compass were off by 5 degrees.

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