Update Notes

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on November 24, 2014

Hello!These are patch notes for the preview branch, not what's currently default. If you're interested in testing this you can join with the password "OPERATIONMAPLELEAF"After a poll yesterday it was determined about 50% of people want an in-game map, but to compensate the folks who didn't this will not show up in hardcore mode, rather being replaced with static. Some of the huge benefits of having this new map system:
  • You can see where you and your friends are to easily meet up, and look around to see where you want to check out.
  • Level creators don't have to make a custom map item for each of their levels.
  • Any map can give its locations official names, and server admin commands can reference these names.
  • It opens up all sorts of possibilities for waypoints and other such features.


  • Added nodes tab to editor, which for now is just locations. In the future it will contain other types of special events/spawns/etc.
  • Added ability as server admin to teleport to location by name. For example: @teleport playername/town or @teleport playername/farm
  • Added easy and hard mode to server filters and singleplayer menu.
  • Added player dashboard with inventory and information tabs. Information tab shows player list and map.
  • Added map interface that shows you and your group mates. This DOES NOT show up in hardcore mode.
  • Added server-side death messages. (for now)
  • Added ability to take map-wide orthographic picture in editor pause menu. (Saves to Map.png in level folder.)
  • Added ability to access inventory regardless of current action.
  • Added any mode filter to server list.


  • Improved underwater vehicle respawning.


  • Disabled skills on menu until they're implemented to avoid confusion.
  • Reduced footstep volume slightly.
  • Menu music doesn't play if it's already played.
  • Modified Unity's terrain shader to disable annoying black shading on grass.
  • The server console shows chat commands as well.
  • Water extends to the skybox limit.
  • Map size labels are descriptive rather than measurements.
  • Reduced vertical offset for exiting surrounded vehicles.


  • Fixed getting into a vehicle freezing the player.
  • Fixed inventory animation when sitting.
  • Fixed some file storage issues.
  • Fixed navigation sticking to water.
  • Fixed attempting to swap stance when standing in water.
  • Fixed entering water in a non-standing stance.
  • Fixed game mode on loading screen.
  • Fixed ping box color on the server list.
  • Fixed navigation flag editor colliding with itself.
  • Fixed impact effects being ridiculously large.
  • Fixed bottom of chopped tree on highest level of detail.
  • Fixed (hopefully) the crazy rubberbanding issue caused by the last update.
  • Fixed resources spawning underground.
Originally this update was going to have terrain cutting instead of all this, but after spending many hours today and yesterday working on it unfortunately a solution that didn't compromise on graphical quality/cause loads of issues was not found. It is now highly unlikely that this feature will ever be added to the game. Be sure to check out LCBradley3k's awesome Unturned mods site! Anyone can upload or download custom content and there's already some pretty neat stuff up there.Thanks for reading!

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