Update Notes

by Nelson Sexton

Posted on November 16, 2014

Hello!These are patch notes for the preview branch, not what's currently default. If you're interested in testing this you can join with the password "OPERATIONMAPLELEAF"Your base is going to need to be fortified! The zombies are getting more ruthless by the day.The new feature of hammering boards onto windows is going to lead into many new options for base customization. You may also notice that zombies are much smarter than 2.0 when it comes to attacking barricades, as they will only do it when it is actually obstructing their path.


  • Added barricade system and two types of barricades.
  • Added chatrate command to limit speed of chat.
  • Added new file saving systems for the level for faster saving/loading, old levels are converted when saved.
  • Added dynamic versions of impacts for vehicles and buildables.


  • Improved hitmarker images and added vehicle/building hitmarker.
  • Improved vehicle running over hit detection and added the ability to run over backwards.
  • Improved server responding to region requests to hopefully fix some desync issues.


  • Renamed ammunition to just its caliber to avoid confusion.
  • Reduced max players to 12 to provide a smoother experience until more optimizations are put in place.
  • Increased vehicle audio range.


  • Fixed hands being sticky not letting go of items after use.
  • Fixed angles breaking in some situations.
  • Fixed some mishaps that occured when an item was deleted.
  • Fixed running players over in PvP.
  • Fixed manipulating objects outside the objects tab.
  • Fixed an object saving issue.
  • Fixed (hopefully) the cause of floating alongside the vehicle.
  • Fixed serverside calculation of vehicle speed.
  • Fixed ignition playing when a passenger got in or out.
  • Fixed console text encoding being different from game.
  • Fixed (hopefully) Valve's output showing up in standard output such as TCP socket creation.
In the end I decided not to use the navmesh cutting for individual barricades as it made defending less interesting, however it will still be used for structures coming soon. Tomorrow I'll be working on that as well as the ability to destroy vehicles.Thanks for reading!

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