Update Notes

by SDGNelson

Posted on June 09, 2017

Update Notes


  • Added Empire.
  • Added Empire Magazine.
  • Added Devil's Bane.
  • Added Devil's Bane Magazine.
  • Added Luger Magazine.
  • Added Swissgewehr Magazine.
  • Added landmarks quality graphics option.
  • Added teleport NPC reward type to move player to specific spawnpoint in level.
  • Added crouch as a NPC pose option as well as Pose_Lean, Pose_Pitch and Pose_Head_Offset options.
  • Added invulnerable and explosion proof tags for destructible objects.
  • Added new guns and melees to skin source files.


  • Improved several furniture objects to be randomly colored.


  • Tweaked foundation height shorter.
  • Tweaked forageable resources to support spawn tables.


  • Fixed misaligned glass in Seattle fire station window.
  • Fixed satellite image for maps taller than 256m.
  • Fixed sound effect pitch deviation to scale with pitch.
  • Fixed incorrectly colored upstairs walls in house_3.

Map Progress

Flooded portion of town beginning to develop overgrowthThis week I finished detailing the environment and made tons of progress on filling in the some of the most time consuming locations: towns and cities. In the coming week I'll finish up the remaining work in the big city and move onto detailing the smaller locations.

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