Update Notes

by SDGNelson

Posted on September 16, 2016

Update Notes


  • Added Soulcrystal achievement/puzzle/easter egg.
  • Added ability to place buildables in the level editor.
  • Added precision in-game building for camera mode. [Default F6]
  • Added Ramp Walls:
  • Added config options for hint and full server descriptions.
  • Accepted several new curated workshop items.


  • Improved stairs/ramps not to have top edges so they are more useful.


  • Tweaked server description to use sign formatting and "<br>" for newlines.


  • Fixed firstperson gun/melee to create matching world lights.
  • Fixed chandeliers and ornate street lights using light halos.
  • Fixed hyper zombies to use emissive textures for eyes.
  • Fixed exposed holes in undersides of several bridges on Russia.
  • Fixed paintballgun barrel spawning instead of Russian beret.
  • Fixed refreshing players in server info screen.
  • Fixed to force dequip discarded items when resizing inventory.
  • Fixed syncing saved shipping containers open state when connecting.
  • Fixed holstered weapons when dragging directly from nearby items.
  • Fixed duping items with item display storage.
  • Fixed mannequin obstruction bounding box.
  • Fixed decaying buildables that were placed in the future.


To help make the world feel more alive you can now place buildables from the level editor! This opens up several options such as fortifying a location for part of a map's story, while still keeping it available to destroy and build a custom base. While building in-game if you have the camera tools available you can now use the editor tools [F6] to get precise snapping and alignment just right, and work on creations that would usually be blocked. Pro tip: use Ctrl+B and Ctrl+N to copy paste positions/rotations to perfectly line up items like kitchen counters.


Yesterday I finally got started with NPCs! Right now the plan is to have a safezone out of the way on some maps where you can choose to visit and interact with the them - i.e. it's completely optional and you won't be running into AI bandits in the wild. I think it might also be a good reason to bring back the reputation system, where keeping a good rep is required for getting quests/trading (not offloading junk, more like the gunsmith is looking for high tier attachments/weapons) with most NPCs, and others a bad rep. Rewards for quests I'm thinking would include things like specially boosted weapons, otherwise unobtainable items and blueprints to craft modified items. Definitely this is very different for the genre, so I'll be keeping an extra close eye out for your suggestions/feedback. Personally I'm hopeful it will provide a lot more singleplayer and PvE content.

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