Update Notes

by SDGNelson

Posted on July 15, 2016

New Zombies

The zombies have got some new abilities! Keep an eye out for the Flanker zombies which can stealthily attack you from behind, and the Burner zombies which explode in a burst of flames spreading to other zombies. The Mega zombie has also realized he's strong enough to tear concrete right out of the ground for use as a projectile - so you're no longer safe just out of reach! Mind you this is only the beginning...

Update Notes


  • Added purple "Flanker" zombie.
  • Added orange "Burner" zombie.
  • Added ability for mega zombies to throw boulders.
  • Added muscular body mesh for mega zombies.
  • Added ability to purify dirty water in canteens with tablets.
  • Added pilot outfit. [IDs 1358-1359]
  • Added "Whitelisted" command to enable whitelist.
  • Added Preferences.json file with viewmodel fov/offset options.


  • Improved queue to prioritize whitelisted players.
  • Improved appearance of ghillie suit foliage.


  • Tweaked fire outfit to be fireproof.
  • Tweaked sentry health and made rangefinders more common.
  • Tweaked claim flag health higher.
  • Tweaked generators to burn fuel more slowly.
  • Tweaked seeds to grow more quickly.
  • Tweaked explosion sorting priority.
  • Tweaked chart/GPS to be salvagable.
  • Tweaked to show hints for -VR and MSAA + Deferred.


  • Fixed case where server lets in more than max players.
  • Fixed character height change when swapping on/off ladder.
  • Fixed editor to clear trees with no asset when saving.
  • Fixed all pistol sights being slightly misaligned.
  • Fixed birch rampart client/server collision difference.
  • Fixed climbing ladder from prone/crouched position.
  • Fixed to force into prone when loading and player doesn't have enough headroom.
  • Fixed instantly reloading bolt action rifles.
  • Fixed raining in paintball arena.
  • Fixed tossing throwables through glass.
  • Fixed old hat using new hat state when swapped.

Viewmodel Preferences

You can finally customize your viewmodel! I've elected to hide it away from the option menus however, as changing from the default settings will reveal issues in the animations especially with a high FoV. Tweak at your own peril!

VR Level Editor

Rather frequently Vive owners have been downloading Unturned for the VR mode (quite reasonably) assuming it's the main game, and are disappointed to learn it's currently only for the level editor. It's also annoying for non-Vive owners having the SteamVR category and SteamVR launch options. To help with these I've disabled the VR support info from Steam, and added more in-game information about launching it from the editor menu. While all recent editor upgrades have been applied to the VR version as well I do still want to do some VR specific upgrades, for example adding physical tools and a toolbox to carry them in, but judging from the negativity surrounding the initial VR update these should be prioritized after the core game's development has settled down.

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