Update Notes

by SDGNelson

Posted on July 07, 2016


Today marks 2 years since Unturned launched on Steam! To celebrate this anyone who plays will get dropped the Anniversary Gift Bag which contains a bunch of party hats and a new mythical.It's been a lot of fun working on the game this whole time. I hope you've enjoyed playing it! Thank you for all your support, and I'm looking forward to more awesome updates! :)

Update Notes


  • Added Anniversary Gift Bag.
  • Added queue for getting into full servers and "Queue_Size" command. [Default 8]
  • Added config options for full moon/beacon XP multiplier.
  • Added config option for player armor multiplier and disabling fall damage.
  • Added destructible object examples.
  • Added graphics option for terrain heightblend.
  • Added Paintball Arena map.


  • Improved spy image to show in pause menu.
  • Improved Arena mode to work with barricades/structures.


  • Tweaked to include econ icons in extras folder.
  • Tweaked dirty water to not be quite as bad.


  • Fixed broken road fence using wood fence material.
  • Fixed metal library not marked as locked.
  • Fixed tank crosshair showing in third person.
  • Fixed hiding snow/rain by deleting ambience file.
  • Fixed hiding flashbang by disabling HUD.
  • Fixed blowtorch can't be used on invulnerable vehicles.
  • Fixed nearby menu to work with vehicle passenger list.
  • Fixed climbing ladders rotated to intersect objects.
  • Fixed crash when display case has an item with no asset.
  • Fixed invisible ornamental tree leaves.
  • Fixed third person target point when aiming at the sky.
  • Fixed to show localized text in pause menu map name.
  • Fixed makeshift vehicle placement radius.

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