Update Notes

by SDGNelson

Posted on July 01, 2016


  • Added Paintball Gun. [ID 1337]
  • Added Paintball Hoppers. [IDs 1339-1344]
  • Added Farm Plot. [ID 1345]
  • Added Flashbang. [ID 1346]
  • Added Minnow, Goldfish and Bass. [IDs 1347-1352]
  • Added Stealy Wheely Automobiley. [ID 1353]
  • Added ability to lock vehicles and vehicle context menu.
  • Added casting strength to fishing which affects time to catch item.
  • Added "Spy" command to see from a player's perspective.
  • Added config option for spawned quality values and bullet rarity.
  • Added "critical" recipe ingredients to hide colored cloth buildables without flare.


  • Improved animal AI to form packs and work together.
  • Improved canteens to base stats on where the water came from rather than losing quality.
  • Improved sensitivity option to be unclamped.
  • Improved Gold skins to shine streaks occasionally.


  • Tweaked low caliber bullets to not damage armored vehicles.
  • Tweaked APC/tank to absorb some explosion damage for passengers.
  • Tweaked asset loading bar to show out of estimated total.
  • Tweaked max FoV lower to 100 degrees from 120.
  • Tweaked fuel canisters and fishing rods to no longer use quality.
  • Tweaked punches to no longer damage vehicles/resources.


  • Fixed exporting spawn tables a second time.
  • Fixed horde beacon queue not progressing properly.
  • Fixed blur when swapping from zoom scope to sight.
  • Fixed rampart/post blueprints to match walls/pillars.
  • Fixed vehicle exit/climb snap to take character radius into account.
  • Fixed prone character to better align with floor, radius matches standing.
  • Fixed exiting vehicle while item is busy.
  • Fixed fishing line visuals in first person perspective.
  • Fixed not keeping reference to turret state when changing attachments.
  • Fixed scaling of resized objects' children.
  • Fixed berry seed leaf colors not matching bushes.

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