Update Notes

by SDGNelson

Posted on June 17, 2016

Update Notes


  • Added Gasmask. [ID 1270]
  • Added Radiation Filter. [ID 1271]
  • Added wall-mounted Flares. [IDs 1272-1277]
  • Added Wardrobes. [IDs 1278-1281]
  • Added Umbrella. [ID 1282]
  • Added Cooler. [ID 1283]
  • Added Tables. [IDs 1284-1295]
  • Added Beach Chair. [ID 1296]
  • Added Weak, Bulletproof and Oneway Glass. [IDs 1297-1299]
  • Added streamer mode option.
  • Added example structure to sources.
  • Accepted 12 new Curated Workshop items.


  • Improved character movement to slide down steep surfaces.
  • Improved profanity filter option to work with signs and notes.


  • Tweaked custom objects with a non-one scale to show error, but ignore scale tool.
  • Tweaked arrow weapon ranges higher now that ballistics make them harder to use.
  • Tweaked amount of scope sway slightly lower.
  • Tweaked Matamorez player damage back up.
  • Tweaked footsteps in Arena lobby to be silent.
  • Tweaked debug info to hide when HUD is disabled.


  • Fixed several obstruction check issues with triangular structures.
  • Fixed escape while connecting to cancel further attempts.
  • Fixed rubber banding right after exiting vehicle.
  • Fixed viewmodel precision on larger maps.
  • Fixed climbing sides of barracks.
  • Fixed failed exchange to show timed out message.
  • Fixed inventory to show message when waiting for response.
  • Fixed to damage cover before players during explosions.
  • Fixed triggers blocking stance changes.
  • Fixed extra icons for items with the same name.


The trend toward more challenging deadzones continues: gasmask filters are no longer infinite and need to be kept track of as you loot a deadzone. Previously wearing a complete biohazard suit would protect you from the radioactive waste, but now the gasmask or biohazard hood are the key items acting as a higher capacity buffer to your immunity. When wearing a mask with depleted filters you can equip a new filter and screw it on to replace the old one. On future official maps the endgames will be in the deadzones, so you'll need to collect filters and quickly get in and out in raids with your team.

Streamer Mode

If you are streaming the game and running into issues with viewers stalking you there is now an option called "Streamer Mode" intended to prevent this. When enabled it prevents joining you through Steam, hides server info from the loading screen and pause menu, player icons from the player list and replaces player names based on Steam ID. You can customize the replacement names used by modifying the file "StreamerNames.json" which can be cool for putting viewer/subscriber names in-game with you.

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