Update Notes

by SDGNelson

Posted on June 10, 2016


Scope sway, bullet drop and bullet travel time have been added! You can steady your scope by holding your sprint key. Dedicated snipers now have slightly longer range with a faster muzzle velocity than all other weapons, and their stats have been adjusted to prevent quickscoping while allowing you to track the bullet through the air to adjust for drop.Suppressors slightly decrease muzzle velocity causing a bit more bullet drop, but even more so with internally suppressed weapons. By default all guns will use the default ballistic values with Ballistic_Travel set to 10.0, Ballistic_Steps as Range / 10.0 rounded up and a Ballistic_Drop of 0.002.


Zombies in deadzones now explode in a radioactive mess when killed! This means you need range on these zombies, so melee combat isn't an option. The intention is that any future official maps will have high quality rare loot in heavily protected deadzones, and several upcoming changes will work towards making deadzones more challenging.

Update Notes


  • Added scope sway to zoom optics. Focus keybind is same as sprint.
  • Added bullet ballistics i.e. travel time and drop.
  • Added radioactive zombies to deadzones.
  • Added Triangular Floor. [IDs 1262-1265]
  • Added Triangular Roof. [IDs 1266-1269]
  • Added View Comments button to in-game news feed.
  • Accepted 9 new Curated Workshop items.


  • Improved zombies/animals/resources/objects to have configurable XP rewards.
  • Improved gas/canteens to be full when manually spawned.
  • Improved in-game news to allow clicking links in the post.


  • Tweaked freeform buildables to be vulnerable to all weapons.
  • Tweaked sentry to not be placable on vehicles.
  • Tweaked military zombies to grant bonus XP and targets give 1 XP when knocked over.
  • Tweaked wire crafting recipe to use half as much scrap.
  • Tweaked local coordinate to use first object position as well.


  • Fixed in-game news showing behind connection failure info.
  • Fixed forcing self out of map bounds with ladder.
  • Fixed items not dropped straight to grond after unable to pickup item fix.
  • Fixed oven showing as item storage in context menu.
  • Fixed sentry to ignore players with "vanish plugin" enabled.
  • Fixed inventory hotkey to work when no item.
  • Fixed crafting pine counter sink.
  • Fixed explosions damaging dead zombies/animals.
  • Fixed animal kills stat not tracking.

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