Update Notes

by SDGNelson

Posted on August 12, 2016

Update Notes


  • Added landmark LODs for most large objects.
  • Added automatic landmark LODs for trees.
  • Added landmark draw distance option.
  • Added region complexity to visibility menu in editor.
  • Added config options for losses from combat vs environment deaths.
  • Added buttons to enable/disable skins and mythics in-game.
  • Added new faces and wheel of emotions to gestures menu.
  • Added new hair and beard styles.
  • Added smoothed camera mode. [Default F5]
  • Accepted several new curated workshop items.


  • Improved road vertices to have adjustable offset.
  • Improved spawn tables tool to allow editing.


  • Tweaked undriven vehicles to not damage players.
  • Tweaked muzzles to decrease drop slightly.


  • Fixed barrel bullet drop multiplier not applying.
  • Fixed to include scaling in copy transform.
  • Fixed first person muzzle flash light.
  • Fixed workshop agreement link appid.


Again this week I was mostly working on the new map, apologies for the filler update. As expected more required objects popped up alongside final steps like spawn tables, but everything's coming together so I think it's safe to say you'll be seeing more about the new map very soon!

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