Update Notes

by SDGNelson

Posted on July 29, 2016

Arms Shipment Part #1 of 2

Russian survivors have recovered a key military storage depot housing a huge arsenal of Russia's finest weapons, and have begun shipping them out to share with the Coalition. Starting today Coalition airdrops now contain the first half of these newly uncovered weapons! Next week the second half should be ready for deployment.

Update Notes



  • Improved road vertices flagged with "ignore terrain" to be placable on objects.
  • Improved control panel models and variety.


  • Tweaked acid spit to have separate death message.
  • Tweaked density of acid spit graphics lower and to better reflect damage area.


  • Fixed using players as pillars for structures.
  • Fixed unable to damage/repair moving vehicle as passenger.
  • Fixed floating point rounding errors in all percentage displays.
  • Fixed not showing acid spit with gore disabled.
  • Fixed to prevent sprinting while shooting.
  • Fixed zombies acting while stunned.
  • Fixed editor object target stealing search focus.
  • Fixed viewmodel lights on gun attachments.
  • Fixed light LOD flicker when activated.
  • Fixed to clamp yaw on client.
  • Fixed pitch check order on server.


As some of you may know these new guns were actually worked on/found in the files over the last two weeks. Previously when fully focused on working on a new map the updates were paused while everything came together, but this way there's still something new and fun to check out. In reality the majority of my work this week was on more new objects:

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