Update Notes

by SDGNelson

Posted on July 22, 2016

Update Notes


  • Added acid spitter zombie.
  • Added supply airdrops.
  • Added ability to repair bases with blowtorch.
  • Added Friendly/Hostile Sentry. [IDs 1372-1373]


  • Improved fuel to store liters rather than refills.
  • Improved vehicle info to show health.


  • Tweaked bullets to travel instantly in easy mode.
  • Tweaked dirty water infection higher again now that it can be purified.
  • Tweaked Flanker zombie to be slightly more challenging.


  • Fixed chest hits to combine shirt/vest armor.
  • Fixed plane/heli exploding when reaching skybox.
  • Fixed jumping twice in the same tick.
  • Fixed generator fuel update reliability.
  • Fixed background noise in wood timber sound.
  • Fixed stuck blowtorch particles when swapping perspective.
  • Fixed burner and street light LoD.
  • Fixed airport spawning festive pants.
  • Fixed parkour hood icon.

Acid Zombie

You can recognize this new zombie by the cyan acid foaming around its mouth. If you don't take care of it quickly enough you might find your exit path blocked by a burning puddle of acid!

Supply Drops

When you hear the roar of a massive plane's engines you might want to turn to the sky to try and spot if it's a dropship! If you follow it you'll see a care package dropped out of the rear cargo hatch parachute down loaded to the brim with high-tier loot. The frequency of these airdrops can be setup in the config events file, and the airdrop command will force trigger one.

Friendly/Hostile Sentries

The new friendly sentries can be used to create a safe public space because they only shoot players who pose a threat by for example having a weapon drawn. On the opposite end of the spectrum the hostile sentry is much better than the neutral one for interior base defense because it is absolutely merciless.

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