Update Notes

by SDGNelson

Posted on May 20, 2016


  • Added destruction to more objects and upgraded several existing ones.
  • Added new road system and associated editor tools.
  • Added new terrain material low/high quality editor tools.
  • Added noise option for terrain brushes.
  • Added dithered height transition option for material baking.
  • Added object scaling tool to editor.
  • Added controls for ascending/descending camera.
  • Added localization key for map names.


  • Improved editor materials, details, road, resources options display.
  • Improved object undo/redo to apply group changes and store more steps.
  • Improved terrain undo/redo to work with skybox and store more steps.


  • Tweaked material isGenerated option into 3 ignore options for more control.
  • Tweaked objects list to use new search system.
  • Tweaked viewmodel tilt to clamp angle when using high sensitivity.
  • Tweaked ranger grade weapon damages slightly higher.
  • Tweaked arrow weapon ranges a bit lower.
  • Tweaked sidings to be vulnerable to guns/melee.
  • Tweaked blowtorch inventory width lower.
  • Tweaked dead trees to no longer block from jumping on stump.


  • Fixed claim to prevent placing claim flag in a spot that overlaps another player's.
  • Fixed players/vehicles/animals/zombies appearing stuck in when swapping servers.
  • Fixed group name indicators to use character name if nickname not set.
  • Fixed Arena field reflecting strangely in water.
  • Fixed workshop map descriptions/icons in level list.
  • Fixed barrel quality not updating on other clients.
  • Fixed detail texture bleed on official maps.
  • Fixed server crash when including "Debug" in startup commands.

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