Update Notes

by SDGNelson

Posted on May 13, 2016

Update Notes


  • Added environmental destruction. [More info in full post!]
  • Added facepalm and rest gestures.
  • Added Gold server list. [More info in full post!]
  • Added separate column for map on server list.
  • Added per-map sun rays options.


  • Improved appearance of most impact/damage/breaking particle effects.
  • Improved tree/object/animal drops to use spawn tables.
  • Improved player/vehicle update grouping on server.
  • Improved performance of several object/buildable updates.


  • Tweaked viewmodel to tilt when spinning.
  • Tweaked raw/crushed/pie berry stats and toxic berries are now more useful than non-toxic.
  • Tweaked Shadowstalker to have more projectile/less explosive damage.


  • Fixed workshop/combat filters not working with cheats filter.
  • Fixed not updating vehicles on maps without vehicle spawns.
  • Fixed Alpha Valley missing ambience file.
  • Fixed holding stance mode while jumping.
  • Fixed to check that server has a mod before spawning it.
  • Fixed wheel/tree rigidbody interpolation setting.

Environmental Destruction

Many objects around the maps have been updated with destruction! Now you can barge right through all those pesky stop signs on your vehicular rampage! For a demo of all of the upgraded objects and effects copy the "Destruction" map from Unturned/Builds/Shared/Extras to Unturned/Maps.Next week I'll continue work on converting more destructible objects among other features. The objects documentation has been updated with information on destruction. You can even make your buildings crumble to the ground when all the supports are destroyed! [Although that's not currently planned for any official maps]

Gold Server List

Prior to this update there was a Gold difficulty which was used for Gold-only servers. This did not make sense because Gold is not a difficulty, and the Gold-specific settings are now in the config files, so the few servers running it were usually empty. Now you can use the "Gold" command to restrict the server to members, and it will show on the Gold server list.

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