Update Notes

by SDGNelson

Posted on March 18, 2016

Update Notes


  • Added gameplay config to singleplayer menu and servers.
  • Added rain, map option to enable/disable and command to adjust it.
  • Added military fragmentation magazine. [ID 1200]
  • Added military nightvision scope. [ID 1201]
  • Added rifle storage racks. [IDs 1202-1204]
  • Added trophy cases. [IDs 1205-1207]
  • Added rain barrel. [ID 1208]
  • Added tips on the loading screens.
  • Added ability to ctrl-click cosmetics/skins to quickly equip/dequip.
  • Added analytics for framerate, death cause and customization.
  • Added ability to create anonymous characters.
  • Added ability to give health regen for zombies/animals.
  • Accepted 4 new Curated Workshop items to the Stockpile.


  • Improved transform/plane handles in editor to swap sides based on camera position.
  • Improved buildable to use gameplay config values for armor instead.
  • Improved menu to work with clicking on character to dequip cosmetics.
  • Improved weighting of weather transitions.
  • Improved server to save current time.


  • Tweaked farms to take 9-10 in-game days to grow without rain.
  • Tweaked salt water to damage canteens/bottles.
  • Tweaked characters to default with non-persona name.
  • Tweaked shadowstalker rails to deal explosive damage.
  • Tweaked military tracer magazine appearance.
  • Tweaked mega zombies/bears/wolves to regen health.
  • Tweaked debug command to show ticks per second.
  • Tweaked mega zombie to have longer vertical reach.
  • Tweaked tracer magazines to decrease spread slightly.


  • Fixed missing paths from exits of bunker and compound.
  • Fixed singleplayer loading screen type.
  • Fixed tilde key name formatting.
  • Fixed unacceptably low number of pirate ship wrecks.
  • Fixed vision/headlamp glasses to show over cosmetic glasses.
  • Fixed spelling of cove.
  • Fixed receiving initial full moon state from server.
  • Fixed zombie loot drops while hyper.
  • Fixed launching with incorrect settings in VR.
  • Fixed hyper zombies always using beacon radius.
  • Fixed using mega zombie tables during horde beacon.
  • Fixed case where beacon could blow up too early.
  • Fixed APC passenger exit distance.

Gameplay Config

The values previously controlled by the gamemode [e.g. easy, hard] are now available for you to choose! Clicking the "Advanced" button on the singleplayer menu will take you to the configuration screen where you can adjust everything. This uses reflection which means it will be straightforward to add more options in the future, and is shared with the server. You can manually modify these values in "Config.json" found in your server folder, or set it up with the tool in the menu and copy it over from the singleplayer worlds folder.


You can configure the frequency and duration of rainstorms with the Rain command. Remember that you can type "help rain" to get some info on how it works! Note however that the changes won't be able to apply until the next rain cycle. You can start/stop the current rain cycle with the Storm command.To enable rain for your custom map you'll need to copy over the latest Ambience.unity3d and tick the "can rain" checkbox under lighting in the editor.


Unity recently added built-in analytics support, so I hooked up a few events in Unturned:
  • Death Cause
  • Framerate Min/Max/Avg
  • Customization Choices
Once a bit of this data is recorded I'll hopefully be able to upload it somewhere so you can see! Should be interesting to get an idea of what specialities are often used, how players die the most and what the average framerate is.

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