Update Notes:

by SDGNelson

Posted on March 11, 2016

Update Notes


  • Added roomscale VR support! [Video demo in full post]


  • Fixed tracer orientation on client.
  • Fixed showing lower than 640x480 resolutions.
  • Fixed claims check on vehicle on server.
  • Fixed motion blur not turning off.
  • Fixed picking up items turning off handcuffs.
  • Fixed boulder uses concrete material instead of gravel.
  • Fixed metal resource collision to match visual better.
  • Fixed a gap in the metal resource mesh.
  • Fixed showing disabled HUD after unscoping.
  • Fixed direction sign and berry visibility.

Roomscale VR Support

The main focus this week was getting the VR support ready. For more details check out last week's post here, but today we have a short video demo:https://youtu.be/6JemlC6Mc9oIf you'd like to see the full original video prior to commentary it can be found here.What do you think of the VR editor? If you give it a try let me know, I'd love to try and improve it! As for the next update don't worry, will be normal with new features/content as usual.

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