Update Notes

by SDGNelson

Posted on March 04, 2016

Update Notes


  • Added handcuffs. [ID 1195]
  • Added handcuffs key. [ID 1196]
  • Added cable tie. [ID 1197]
  • Added pickaxe. [ID 1198]
  • Added headlamp. [ID 1199]
  • Added mineable boulders.
  • Added 16 new flag jersies.
  • Added armor command to adjust buildable damage multipliers.
  • Added "Bypass_Hash_Verification" asset flag for server owners.
  • Added separate keybind for inspecting item.


  • Improved player lights to attract AI.
  • Improved region performance while moving between areas.


  • Tweaked traps to take more damage from impacts.
  • Tweaked enclosed vehicles to provide cover from snow.
  • Tweaked horde beacon difficulty harder.
  • Tweaked restaurant food name.
  • Tweaked viper to accept military barrels.


  • Fixed lock foreground tint.
  • Fixed objects closing after loading.
  • Fixed horde not respawning in singleplayer.
  • Fixed DX11 basemap lighting issue.
  • Fixed nails in explosive blueprints.
  • Fixed to not be able to craft scythe.
  • Fixed some crashes when missing assets.
  • Fixed perf spikes when dragging objects.
  • Fixed unable to quick equip on client.


You can now passively restrain other players! Using handcuffs on a surrendered player will lock up their hands preventing them from using items and punching. Only the one who arrested them in the first place can unlock the handcuffs using a handcuffs key. You are able, however, to wiggle your way out of handcuffs by quickly leaning left and right for several seconds.

Roomscale VR Support

Right after putting out the update last week there was a ring at the doorbell, and suprise it was a Vive devkit from Valve/HTC! I spent a couple days this week getting started with support in the Unturned editor for this roomscale virtual reality, and I think it's shaping up to be a lot of fun.Right now I've got the movement and object systems mostly integrated, so you can be anywhere between person size exploring a building or a giant stomping around the whole map. Alongside the normal editor object features like dragging transform/rotate handles/lasers you can also pick things up to move them around, and even throw them! I must admit I spent quite a while just throwing Stratford around the level watching it explode.Next week I'm going to prioritize working on these VR features because I think I can get all the tools working nicely in that time, and considering they sent over a devkit I want to make sure it's prepared before the full Vive launch. Once it's ready I'll also try and get a video together to show you what it's like!

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