Update Notes

by SDGNelson

Posted on February 26, 2016

Update Notes


  • Added ranger muzzle and barrel. [IDs 1190-1191]
  • Added high caliber ammo boxes. [IDs 1192-1193]
  • Added prototype horde beacon. [ID 1194]
  • Added ability to see whole map fully zoomed out.
  • Added country flag jersey cosmetic drops.
  • Added several curated workshop items.
  • Added new note to Everett in Washington.
  • Added heightblend terrain option and upgraded official terrains.


  • Improved APC to look way more intimidating and awesome.
  • Improved server to verify item hash before equip.
  • Improved item quality color transition.
  • Improved map to swap chart/satellite based on which you have.
  • Improved alt player spawns to be visually different.
  • Improved server to verify vehicle hash before driving.
  • Improved some text fields to react to esc/return inputs.
  • Improved drop range check to not apply in singleplayer.


  • Tweaked nailgun magazines to be craftable with nails.
  • Tweaked bullet trial visibility a bit lower.
  • Tweaked military muzzle to decrease in quality when used.
  • Tweaked map not to default zoomed out.
  • Tweaked primary slot items to not be equipable in water.
  • Tweaked scythe stats a bit lower.
  • Tweaked quad/jetski to allow passenger on back.
  • Tweaked drum magazines to take slightly longer to reload.
  • Tweaked movement keys to close player dashboard.
  • Tweaked ranger items to spawn in prisons.
  • Tweaked military barrel/muzzle appearance.


  • Fixed character texture bleed with MSAA.
  • Fixed overlapping counters in Montague.
  • Fixed lobby spawns in arena on PEI Arena.
  • Fixed yellow faces on bottom of diving tank valve.
  • Fixed salvage hint showing up in inventory.
  • Fixed landing view tilt backwards.
  • Fixed updating reload/hammer time while equipped.
  • Fixed unable to see rocket.
  • Fixed aggressive animals not losing interest.
  • Fixed navmesh cuts running in editor.
  • Fixed checking for generators in editor.
  • Fixed refreshing assets as client.
  • Fixed respawn index check when respawing mega zombie.

Prototype Horde Beacon

The horde beacon is a new buildable that when placed draws in waves of zombies. Once they are defeated you get several rare items, but if you die, run away or disconnect it gets destroyed. Ideally this will provide an interesting risk/challenge to gear up, an easy way to summon zombies to attack the awesome base you built or perhaps bring the horde to someone else's doorstep. In the future some new super rare guns/items may be added as rewards for winning this horde mode. What are your thoughts?

Curated Workshop

A few community-created workshop cosmetics/skins were accepted!Feel free to check them out here: Stockpile Going forward curated items will be accepted in smaller batches at a more frequent pace.

Asset Hash Verification

When equipping items/getting in vehicles the server now verifies that the client's asset configuration, for example recoil, matches its own configuration. This prevents several clientside exploits, but also means that servers which modify buildable item health can't be equipped. For now to work around this you can use a mod which globally decreases barricade/structure damage, but one goal for the next update is to add an official command for multiplying buildable damage/health.

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