Update Notes

by SDGNelson

Posted on February 19, 2016


  • Added civilian armor vest. [ID 1168]
  • Added spec ops outfit. [IDs 1169-1172]
  • Added makeshift armor. [ID 1173]
  • Added scythe. [ID 1174]
  • Added chart. [ID 1175]
  • Added GPS. [ID 1176]
  • Added diving gear. [IDs 1178-1181]
  • Added dufflebag. [IDs 1182-1189]
  • Added burst fire mode, enabled on eaglefire.
  • Added bullet trails when shooting without muzzle brake.
  • Added map info to selection screen.
  • Added new note to Montague.
  • Added ability to use items while swimming.
  • Added workshop errors tool to help identify simple bugs in custom content.
  • Added bundle tool to Sources/Tools folder.


  • Improved stars blending from midnight to dawn.
  • Improved attachments to show arrow quality.
  • Improved character UV layout.
  • Improved suicide and drowning deaths to not get new spawn point.
  • Improved refilling canteens ease.


  • Tweaked PEI Arena spawn locations.
  • Tweaked Washington spacecraft crash to have deadzone.
  • Tweaked last suppressor shot to stay suppressed.
  • Tweaked playerlist to show skillset.
  • Tweaked created Arena maps to show in singleplayer list.
  • Tweaked sand color a bit darker.
  • Tweaked firefighter/police skillsets.
  • Tweaked exercise/diving skills.


  • Fixed buildable save corruption issue, restored files.
  • Fixed keeping empty nailgun magazines.
  • Fixed crafting nailgun magazines together.
  • Fixed map zooming past first level.
  • Fixed campfire audio poor looping.
  • Fixed duplicate item drops in singleplayer.
  • Fixed Arena maps in singleplayer.
  • Fixed keeping arrow when shot misses.
  • Fixed impact particle smoothness.
  • Fixed losing all xp in Horde mode.
  • Fixed some texture unloading issues.
  • Fixed duplicate nailgun blueprint.
  • Fixed impact bubbles shader.
  • Fixed border difference in satellite map.
Tip for level creators: You can customize the colors used for your road map by overriding the Charts file with either your own bundle or one copied from the other default maps.If you have created some custom workshop content please check out the new logs tool on the main menu! It will let you know if there are any potential issues/misconfigured files.

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