Update Notes

by SDGNelson

Posted on February 05, 2016

Update Notes


  • Added police helicopter. [ID 106]
  • Added hummingbird. [ID 107]
  • Added revised character skillsets.
  • Added UI color options for Gold members, free players now own the dark UI skin.
  • Added thief outfit. [IDs 1156-1157]
  • Added decay to buildable items. More info in full post!
  • Added SkillsetID parameter to loadout command. More info in full post!
  • Added back buttons to the menu.
  • Added animation quality option.
  • Added graphics settings tooltips.
  • Added keybinds for plane/helicopter yaw/thrust.


  • Improved stability of building on water vehicles on servers.
  • Improved map zooming and to focus on player after teleport/respawn.
  • Improved suppressor balance, ranger ones are more durable than military.
  • Improved certain interactable objects to close automatically after a set time.
  • Improved salvaging to show timer and reduced abuse.
  • Improved vehicles to use character rollback system.
  • Improved radio buttons for colorblind players.
  • Improved text shadowing to work with formatting.
  • Improved performance of camera related code.
  • Improved performance of player/zombie animations.


  • Tweaked Arena to encourage kills with XP, but lost on death.
  • Tweaked zombies to be more threatening.
  • Tweaked equipped item draw distances higher.
  • Tweaked graduation cap Steam item color/type.
  • Tweaked jetski a bit faster.
  • Tweaked fall speed/damage higher.
  • Removed option to disable item physics.
  • Removed option to disable effects/debris.
  • Tweaked explosive traps to have configurable range/effects.


  • Fixed gun damage not decreasing with quality.
  • Fixed bubbles teleporting underwater in 3rd person.
  • Fixed infinitely crafting scrap/sheet metal. []
  • Fixed crashing game with translation files.
  • Fixed medium/high quality shadow artifacts.
  • Fixed missing gold lock icons.
  • Fixed max accepted XZ non-car travel distance on server.
  • Fixed some unnecessary game/editor rendering.
  • Fixed item despawn responsiveness.
  • Fixed loadout to not play sound on spawn.
  • Fixed level list going offscreen.
  • Fixed washing machine tag/layer.

Building Decay

One issue on large public servers is players who join, place a few buildables and leave forever. With the decay command you can now specify a delay before these items will no longer be saved. By default the timers last 7 real-life days, and are reset whenever the owner or group who placed the buildables joins. You can disable them by using 0 as the timer length, or for example 604800 to restore the 7 day timer. To avoid issues with losing bases on private servers or servers which only boot up every few days the timers also reset when the server has not been launched in half of the duration of the decay.


Skillsets have made a return from! By default they do not spawn with loadouts, but you can configure this on your server by using the ID of the skillset in front of your normal loadout commands. To give the items to all players similarly to how loadouts worked before this update use 255 as the ID, or for a specific skillset the following are supported:0 - Civilian1 - Fire Fighter2 - Police Officer3 - Spec Ops4 - Farmer5 - Fisher6 - Lumberjack7 - Worker8 - Chef9 - Thief10 - Doctor255 - All Skillsets

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