Update Notes

by SDGNelson

Posted on January 29, 2016


You can now explore the waters with nautical vehicles! PEI and Washington have spawn points for several of each new transport, so all you need to do is hunt them down and launch without sinking. Similarly to cars/aircraft you can expand on the existing ones with in-game buildables, or create your own custom sailing contraptions using mods! The documentation and workshop have been updated to accommodate boats and other floating vehicles.

Update Notes


  • Added Otter. [ID 96]
  • Added Runabout. [ID 97]
  • Added Jetski. [IDs 98-105]
  • Added amphibious qualities to the APC.
  • Added keybinds for roll left/right and pitch up/down.
  • Added more Arena centers on PEI/Alpha Valley.
  • Added buildables/throwables stats and Fortified achievement.
  • Added loading info to debug text.


  • Improved map UI scaling.
  • Improved Arena to show player count instead of groups.
  • Improved direct connect to work with URLs with more than 2 dots.
  • Improved navmesh cutting performance with shipping containers.
  • Improved grenade/rocket to have configurable effects/range.
  • Improved vehicle command to fill health/fuel.
  • Improved aircraft to support more than 2 rotors.


  • Tweaked campfire to be destroyable with gun/melee.
  • Tweaked aircraft health higher.
  • Tweaked scrap per sheet.
  • Tweaked Arena winner time longer.
  • Tweaked Arena field speed slower.
  • Tweaked experience on Arena lower, but raised stamina.


  • Fixed plane/heli exit distance and position.
  • Fixed entering slowly moving aircraft.
  • Fixed interacting with vehicles while dead.
  • Fixed snow blend when flying upward in aircraft.
  • Fixed placing multiple door/gate in same spot.
  • Fixed dead players included in Arena list.
  • Fixed max accepted XZ car travel distance on server.

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