Update Notes

by SDGNelson

Posted on April 29, 2016

Update Notes


  • Added Industrial Generator. [ID 1230]
  • Added Flags. [IDs 1231-1234]
  • Added Doubledoors. [IDs 1235-1238]
  • Added building interior culling. [More info in full post!]
  • Added outlines of powered areas when placing powered buildables.
  • Added per-map rain frequency/duration multipliers.
  • Added delay parameter to shutdown command and alert when nearing shutdown.
  • Added option to play warning timer sound before Arena start.
  • Added footstep option for road terrain material.
  • Added ResetConfig command to restore defaults for current mode.


  • Improved active zombie/animal update performance.
  • Improved prevention of near clipping plane through wall.
  • Improved lights to fade out over distance.
  • Improved server to apply new values to config file.
  • Improved gas/refill message to show alongside interactable info.
  • Improved backpack to not show through vehicle seat.


  • Tweaked slides to be slippery.
  • Tweaked Seattle mall to have some scaffholding.
  • Tweaked editor/power to use intersect shader.
  • Tweaked claim flag to be explosion proof.
  • Tweaked default rain frequency to 2.3, 7.6.
  • Tweaked options explanation labels.


  • Fixed hospital window navmesh.
  • Fixed some missing words in the chat filter.
  • Fixed soup/pasta textures.
  • Fixed stutter when equipping gun with scope. [More info in full post!]
  • Fixed off scope quality to not render first frame.
  • Fixed zombie/animal noises on pause screen.
  • Fixed walking on helipad in Seattle.
  • Fixed land animals sometimes forgetting they aren't fishes.

Building Interior Culling

You can now mark your buildings to hide the objects inside when further away for better performance. The easiest option is to add the "LOD Mesh" flag which uses the mesh bounds to determine what is inside. For concave objects you can instead use "LOD Area" and add multiple OcclusionAreas for the volumes with objects. Very large objects can also have a "LOD_Bias" multiplier which adjusts the activation distance. This also means you can have much more detailed interiors now, assuming the building is set up properly.

Active Zombie/Animal Performance

Several server side performance improvements/update balancing were also made in an attempt to keep everything stable as it gets busy. The hope is that this will help keep the ping closer to just the travel time, but we'll see.

Scope Performance

Previously the dual-render scopes only rendered twice when a scope was attached, but as part of a fix last week to reduce stutter when moving around the map with foliage enabled the same issue seems to have begun happening when enabling the scope camera, so to avoid these delays I've tweaked the scopes to always render in the background.If this causes a drop in performance you can also use the overlay scope option, but if it's generally too severe we can adjust the default scope quality or bring back the option to disable foliage. Ideally requiring foliage can be kept because it provides some cover, but fortunately there are bushes which are rendered regardless of the foliage setting.

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