Update Notes

by SDGNelson

Posted on April 22, 2016

Update Notes


  • Added Water Tank. [ID 1228]
  • Added Fuel Tank. [ID 1229]
  • Added Hot Mystery Box with 4 new mythical effects.
  • Added 21 new playtime drop cosmetics.
  • Added 14 new playtime drop skin patterns.
  • Added context action for quickly stripping attachments.
  • Added context action for crafting bandages.
  • Added context action for converting plants into seeds.
  • Added context action for wearing clothing.
  • Added basic interactable object documentation.


  • Improved fuel/water cans to allow taking/removing from all sources.
  • Improved crafting to consume lowest quality supplies first.
  • Improved generator fuel update performance.
  • Improved object reset performance.


  • Tweaked Dragonfang and Nykorev ammo capacity higher.
  • Tweaked zombie range in multiplayer lower again temporarily.
  • Tweaked storage to show popup when busy with another player.
  • Tweaked headlamp noise to match flashlight.
  • Tweaked vision noises to sync in multiplayer.
  • Tweaked vision glasses to cover cosmetic again.


  • Fixed unable to pickup dropped items occasionally.
  • Fixed incorrectly receiving player input in some cases.
  • Fixed bullet holes appearing on dead trees.
  • Fixed explosions not damaging buildables on vehicles.
  • Fixed dead player ragdoll when loading clothes.
  • Fixed raining in Washington Arena.
  • Fixed safezone radiator LoD distance.
  • Fixed overlay draw distance in the editor.
  • Fixed foliage stutter at the cost of some memory.
  • Fixed gesture updates not reliable.

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