Update Notes

by SDGNelson

Posted on April 15, 2016

Update Notes


  • Added localization comparison tool available under the workshop menu.
  • Added progress bar when looking at water/fuel storage.
  • Added capacity to fuel/water sources on the map.
  • Added Washington Arena map.
  • Added tanktrap. [ID 1227]
  • Added server filters for plugins and cheats. [More info in full post!]
  • Added option to disable zombie stunning.
  • Added options for object/resource reset frequency.
  • Added per-resource respawn time.
  • Added refresh/back buttons to error log tool.


  • Improved item context menu to show ammo in gun.
  • Improved road rendering/physics performance.
  • Improved performance of npc detection area checks.
  • Improved generator wiring check performance.
  • Improved performance of zombie obstruction checks.
  • Improved inventory UI nearby item search performance.
  • Improved performance of explosion damage checks.
  • Improved UI performance when viewing long scroll areas like the server list.
  • Improved snapshot interpolation to not get stuck in the past.
  • Improved crafting to automatically take attachments off of gun.
  • Improved clicking server list sorts a second time to swap ascending/descending.


  • Tweaked gas can to allow siphoning from vehicles again.
  • Tweaked zombie walk speeds slightly faster.
  • Tweaked foliage setting to no longer allow turning off.
  • Tweaked viewmodel to rotate slightly when running and swimming.
  • Tweaked serveral guns to wear down faster.
  • Tweaked matamorez damage a bit lower.
  • Tweaked asset loading to process after each scan.
  • Tweaked sun tint to match lighting color.
  • Tweaked moon brightness lower.
  • Tweaked "/" command prefix to work alongside "@" in vanilla.
  • Tweaked gun/melee salvage action to link to blueprint.
  • Removed anonymous character option.


  • Fixed powering buildables on vehicle with generator on nearby vehicle.
  • Fixed roof trim showing through inside of red house.
  • Fixed footstep sounds on several objects.
  • Fixed desert military tent missing collision.
  • Fixed duplicate collision on monolith.
  • Fixed bear missing attack animation.
  • Fixed inside roof of barn #2.
  • Fixed acknowledging input before fully loaded.
  • Fixed using storage while destroying it.
  • Fixed salvaging buildables while in the menu.
  • Fixed doorway debris not moving while door is closed.
  • Fixed triggers hitting car bumper and traps.
  • Fixed npc triggering new network update twice when lagging.
  • Fixed not losing quality when taking gas from pump jack.
  • Fixed all nearby objects to enable instantly when teleporting.
  • Fixed creating new physics material instances.
  • Fixed loading progress bar in editor.
  • Fixed prediction when jumping near berry bushes.
  • Fixed animals not randomly wandering around.
  • Fixed not syncing animal panic effects.
  • Fixed only vehicles to use spherical interpolation.
  • Fixed not playing clothing audio when manually equipping.
  • Fixed construction spawnpoint on road near Charlottetown.
  • Fixed to only reset bin state objects with reset timers.

Cheats Filter

One common issue is finding public servers where the admins aren't spawning themselves loads of items, vehicles and experience. With this update those commands are now considered "cheats" and must be enabled with the Cheats command in the server startup file. You can then use this to filter for servers with cheats enabled or disabled.Plugins such as creative servers, economy and kits are not considered cheats because anyone on the server can use them.If you are a plugin developer and have made a command like god mode please respect the cheats enabled flag by displaying an error message when the command is used with cheats disabled.

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