Update Notes

by SDGNelson

Posted on April 08, 2016

Update Notes


  • Added brick buildables. [IDs 1210-1218]
  • Added oil derrick. [ID 1219]
  • Added metal rack/trophy case. [IDs 1220-1221]
  • Added cagelight. [ID 1222]
  • Added shutters. [IDs 1223-1226]
  • Added food/water/health/virus to player config.
  • Added a few new Curated Workshop items.


  • Improved UI to cache item icons that don't change.
  • Improved doors/windows/gates to rotate based on your position.
  • Improved ladders to snap you to the center and prevent climbing sides.
  • Improved asset loading time spacing.


  • Tweaked flag jerseys to cancel out hand inversion.
  • Tweaked hallucination duration to not stack.
  • Tweaked shadow strength lower while raining.
  • Tweaked health of sharp traps lower.
  • Tweaked server console to show loading progress.
  • Tweaked singleplayer to allow bedrolls on vehicles.
  • Tweaked consumeable item use volume lower.
  • Tweaked VR menu to show message with no tracked controllers detected.


  • Fixed traps damaging players in cars.
  • Fixed collision on medic/military tent.
  • Fixed copying item by swapping with itself.
  • Fixed using visual rotation when swapping item.
  • Fixed showing more than 200 nearby items.
  • Fixed adding/dragging items to page with more than 200 items.
  • Fixed gun to ignore targets behind head in 3rd person.
  • Fixed clientside claim check on vehicle.
  • Fixed bumper hitting player/object on vehicle.
  • Fixed 7x scope missing skin transparency.
  • Fixed rangefinder label not colored.
  • Fixed client trying to send rain barrel update.
  • Fixed bump underneath airstrip on Washington.
  • Fixed quick grabbing from locked storage display.
  • Fixed "missing window" message.
  • Fixed collision on fuel tank.
  • Fixed unable to place campfire on vehicle.
  • Fixed zombies to only go directly when at their last waypoint.

Test Server

Server Status: Offline

Early Access

Looking at the Unturned store page you can see the "Early Access Game" section which is what I wrote in June 2014 about my expectations for the early access period. It's crazy to think, but we've come a long way since then (especially with the original "several months" estimate)! Seeing as it's all very outdated now I think it's about time to transition from the Early Access state, but I'm interested to know if you think there's anything which should be done beforehand? Note that development will still continue as normal afterwards. Right now my plan is that when we do exit Early Access there will be a big update with an arms shipment, a new mystery box and an exciting updated trailer.

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