Update Notes:

by SDGNelson

Posted on April 01, 2016

Update Notes


  • Added Explosive Arrow. [ID 1209]
  • Added ability to rotate items in the inventory. [Default R]
  • Added buttons to reset controls, graphics and options to defaults.
  • Added action buttons for taking/storing with storage.
  • Added new terrain brush visuals.
  • Added VR main menu and launch options.
  • Added ability to ctrl-click skill similar to crafting.
  • Added status icon when arrested.


  • Improved fps by swapping to deferred rendering, added option to go back to forward rendering.
  • Improved canteens/gascans description to show empty/full.
  • Improved server to space out region updates.
  • Improved tracer/fragmentation magazines to not drop when empty.
  • Improved server list to add favorites as well as removing.
  • Improved building collision geometry.
  • Improved appearance of sights/scopes.


  • Tweaked starvation/dehydration rate faster.
  • Tweaked untreated infections to slowly get worse.
  • Tweaked gun/ammo/magazine spawn rates lower.
  • Tweaked magazines to show gun's rarity.
  • Tweaked bedrolls on vehicles to not be claimable.
  • Tweaked salvaging to take less time in singleplayer.
  • Tweaked non-repeat suicides to get new spawnpoints.
  • Tweaked nightvision scope crosshair color.
  • Tweaked common/uncommon/default UI colors.
  • Tweaked VR touchpad icons to match toolbox when hovered over.


  • Fixed sending index instead of instanceID when exiting server inside vehicle.
  • Fixed not playing zipper/cloth audio when picking up clothing.
  • Fixed debug label garbage collection.
  • Fixed not resetting rain when loading new map.
  • Fixed toggling fog/sunshafts while snowing.
  • Fixed blaze shirt marked as legendary.
  • Fixed vehicle build ignore twice.
  • Fixed dirt under bushes.
  • Fixed tape LoD distance.
  • Fixed trap activation delay.
  • Fixed rocket explosion origin.
  • Fixed favourite button showing in singleplayer.
  • Fixed not exiting when dead.
  • Fixed missing sun shafts on menu.
  • Fixed burned car and moldy food material leak.
  • Fixed invisible bar stool in diner.
  • Fixed out-of-date item UV layouts.
  • Fixed nearby items overlapping clothing UI.
  • Fixed selecting objects with multiple colliders in VR.

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