Update Notes

by SDGNelson

Posted on March 25, 2016

Update Notes


  • Added new item context menu and quick refill/repair/salvage actions.
  • Added inventory menu to see nearby items making looting corpses/piles easier.
  • Added ability to quickly take item from display/rack. [Default Ctrl + F]
  • Added in-game item/vehicle rarity colors.
  • Added decay and rain commands to the config menu.
  • Added button to unfavorite servers from the server list.
  • Added option to disable day/night ambience.


  • Improved memory management/usage significantly on client and server.
  • Improved hotkeys to requip, work on any page and save per server/character.
  • Improved inventory to split storage and nearby into a separate area on large screens.
  • Improved crafting menu to show the skill level and fire required.
  • Improved give/vehicle/teleport/experience commands to not require the player parameter.
  • Improved help [command] to also work as client and in singleplayer.
  • Improved item networking to support more items in one area.
  • Improved world hints not to show behind the dashboard.
  • Improved item/vehicle networking to use new instance IDs instead of indices.
  • Improved zombie/animal/vehicle state updates to use basic position compression.
  • Improved buildable intersection displacement to better avoid forcing into objects.
  • Improved on some physics issues with objects/resources.


  • Tweaked dropped items to appear in front of character.
  • Tweaked handcuffs to prevent getting in vehicles as driver.
  • Tweaked blueprint title text to change color when you can craft.
  • Tweaked farming speed of agriculture skill lower.
  • Tweaked debug UI to show seconds since last packet received.
  • Tweaked orientation of items in trophy cases.
  • Tweaked different skills to require different amounts of XP per level.
  • Tweaked several hollow objects to contain death barriers just in case.
  • Removed "new survivor" default names.


  • Fixed placing buildables near player spawns.
  • Fixed default easy/hard armor multipliers backwards.
  • Fixed birch/pine trophy case using maple sticks.
  • Fixed regen health immediately after damage.
  • Fixed not showing amount in hint with one remaining item.
  • Fixed despawn label typo.
  • Fixed not immediately removing admin visual when unadmined.
  • Fixed crafting pitchfork.
  • Fixed not taking into account 2nd border in map UI.
  • Fixed tooltips showing up underneath inventory selection/drag.
  • Fixed override glasses mythic hook point.

Item Asset Upgrades

You can now use rich text in your item descriptions, and add more context actions. Right now blueprint actions are supported in the following format:Actions 1Action_0_Type BlueprintAction_0_Blueprints 1Action_0_Blueprint_0 [Index]Action_0_Blueprint_0_Link [Present if the blueprint should be linked to.]Action_0_Text [Button Name]Action_0_Tooltip [Button Tooltip]Action_0_Key [If no name/tooltip, use this translation key e.g. Repair]If no actions are available the game will automatically add some for repairing, refilling and salvaging.


Last week I mentioned Unity 5's new analytics system, so here's the data gathered so far!


Note: One source of error in this table is that running with vsync enabled caps the max framerate to monitor refresh rate which is usually 60.
Map Average Min (Hz) Average Max (Hz) Average Average (Hz)
PEI 12.5 60.5 40
Washington 12 59.5 38.5
Yukon 15.5 64 42
Workshop 12.5 60.5 40.5


Map Average Lifespan (s)
PEI 400
Washington 415
Yukon 420
Workshop 410

Death Causes

Map #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
PEI Gun (35%) Zombie (26.1%) Suicide (8.6%) Bleeding (9.1%) Exploding Car (4.7%)
Washington Gun (37.3%) Zombie (24.1%) Bleeding (9.3%) Suicide (8.4%) Exploding Car (4.7%)
Yukon Zombie (37.5%) Gun (17.9%) Suicide (11.7%) Bleeding (8.1%) Freezing (4.2%)
Workshop Gun (39.5%) Zombie (19.8%) Suicide (9.6%) Bleeding (8.1%) Exploding Car (5.5%)
Screenshot of analytics site death cause pie graph:


Rank Skillset
#1 Spec Ops (35%)
#2 Police (17%)
#3 Thief (8.6%)
#4 Firefighter (8%)
#5 Worker (6.9%)
Screenshot of analytics site abilities pie graph:


Average Mythics 0.02
Average Cosmetics 1.3
Average Skins 4.5

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